“It’s been a long winter, but there’s no excuse for not training hard. “

2022-2023 winter training 

This is my first time spending a winter in Canada. When living in Whistler, winter means lot of snow and low temperatures, skies out and bikes in the storage room. But this is no excuse for not training hard. 

Meadow Park Sport Center has been my church, I went there almost everyday of the week. After 2 months without riding my bike and training at the gym, I feel stronger than ever. I’m very confident on the work done during the offseason. Now is time to get the feeling with the bike back and get the last details ready for the beginning of the season. 



Flo is no stranger to racing, She’s posted top 10 EWS Finishes, won the Chilean Championship 4 years in a row and is the fastest woman in Latin America (And Beyond)

In 2022 Flo will participate in select races as well as create video content

Flo puts in the work, trains hard and is one of the most well-rounded enduro riders. She is currently based in Whistler, Canada.

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“Insanely consistent riding was what I noticed from Flo, during the Pinkbike Academy. Soft-spoken who clearly speaks volumes, through her effortless style and strength on the bike. With the best overall results, professional demeanor, and lack thereof an ego, lead to a unanimous decision, making Flo our winner.

I had the opportunity, to catch up with Flo before the announcement was made public. Flo takes me down one of her favorite gnarly trails in Whistler, Jaws. Personally, I had never ridden the trail and it was an absolute delight being towed in by our Pinkbike Academy winner.”Geoff Gulevich


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2RNQn6lvfw[/embedyt]


Flo is the PinkBike Academy Season 2 Winner!

What Is It Like To Win A Reality TV Show?

Check out the video where Christina Chappetta catches up with Flo, about what she was doing in Whistler, what she has been up to after winning PinkBike Academy and her plans for 2022.