Flo is no stranger to racing, She’s posted top 10 EWS Finishes, won the Chilean Championship 4 years in a row and is the fastest woman in Latin America (And Beyond)

In 2022 Flo will participate in select races as well as create video content

Flo puts in the work, trains hard and is one of the most well-rounded enduro riders. She is currently based in Whistler, Canada.


North America, January 6th, 2022

We are proud to have such an amazing human being, racer and ambassador representing our brand. During Flo’s time at Pinkbike Academy, she proved herself as a respected leader and role model. Her laser-focus during challenges and charismatic personality off the race-track are just a few reasons why we are excited to work with her in 2022.

“Having Flo join us as part of the Orbea family for 2022 is really exciting. Those who know Flo will tell you she is a fantastic ambassador of the sport and an even better rider. We can’t wait to see what she can do during the 2022 season!” says Parker DeGray, North American Marketing Manager.

“We are more than happy to welcome Flo to our big family. 2022 will definitely be an exciting year with a bunch of new ambitious projects and challenges, having such a person and rider rowing together in the same direction could not be better” says Iñaki Ucín, Orbea’s Sponsorship Manager.


What Flo has to say about joining Orbea:

“Racing as a privateer in the EWS really marked me as an athlete. Of course I learned a bunch about racing itself, all the preparation, the training, the professionalism; but my biggest take away from that experience was to know who I am and what I am capable of. It put me to the test in every way as a person, how much I can move the world to get where I wanted, how much I believed in myself.” – Flo says about her racing career thus far.

“Keep progressing in my riding, keep competing in high levels and explore freeriding; but most important in the long term, establish myself in the world scene of mountainbiking to leave a legacy, I want to open more spaces and more opportunities for woman/latinamerican/queer riders; I want to use what I have and will achieve to help other riders on their journey of racing bikes.” – Flo says about her long-term goals as a mountain biker

“I loved how horizontal the work environment is, and the crew of people working on the production lines, painting lines and the offices. I had a really good time in the HQ hanging out with part of the marketing team, doing the tour down the painting line and the production process. It felt like home” says Flo about the Mallabia, Spain facilities during a visit in December.

As a whole, we are beyond excited to welcome Flo to the Orbea family and know that she is just getting started in creating a long-lasting legacy in mountain biking. With her racing talent and content creation skills we aim to work together on video projects and some other surprises to come! Keep an eye on this girl for the upcoming season to see what unfolds.